English title: A Bite of Bone
French title: Mordre les os des morts
Spanish title: Un bocado de hueso
original title: Honekami
2021/10 min





| 短編アニメーション | 2021/03 |日本 | 09’45” | 4K | HD, DCP | 5.1ch,Stereo | 日本語音声, 英語字幕 | |紙の上に作画・点々|
| Short Animation | March, 2021 | Japan | 09’45” |4K | HD, DCP |5.1ch, Stereo | Japanese Dialogue, English Subtitles | |Hand Drawing/ Dotting on paper|



A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral.


Director’s note

私のうまれた島の海岸部には火薬庫が今でも残されています。防空壕ではなく、火薬庫が近所にあったという事実は、死や無慈悲な暴力は受ける側としてあるのではなく、自身がそれを加える側として存在しているように感じさせました。 そのことは、恐怖や罪悪感や言葉にしがたい様々な感情を呼び起こしますが、継承せねばならないと思いました。あるいは、それはすでに自身に継承されたように感じました。
There are regions scattered throughout Japan that have a tradition known as “hone kami,” or “biting the bone.” After the deceased is cremated, certain bones survive the blaze, and fragments of these are eaten as a means of making the deceased a part of oneself, and of overcoming grief and pain. I first learned of this practice as an adult, and was quite shocked by it.
As it happens, there was such a tradition among certain families in my native village. And in my own first experience with death (the death of my father), I was encouraged to eat one of his bones, but could not bring myself to do it. Still very young, I could not come to terms with and accept my father’s death. My memory of that experience is traumatic.
The bone I did not eat stayed with me, as if stuck in my throat, and I found myself unable to express the experience in words nor forget it.
More than a decade has passed since I left my distant and tiny island home at age 15 to live on my own. An old wartime powder magazine still stands on the island I was born on.
The fact that it was an ammunition dump, rather than an air raid shelter, near my childhood home made me feel that I was on the side that imposed death and cruel violence, rather than on the side that was subjected to it.
That fact evokes fear and loathing and a multitude of emotions that are hard to describe in words, but I felt I must own that history. Or rather, that I had already owned it all along.
Reflecting on this experience as an adult, I decided to confront the connection between my father’s bones and the ammunition dump.
The landscape and ocean of my island are teeming with life, and the serenity of nature is always accompanied by nature’s severity. The visual concept of this project is to synthesize natural landscapes and childhood memories by presenting memory as a collection of points.



アニメーション・監督 矢野ほなみ
プロデューサー 山村浩二
アシスタントプロデューサー sanae
製作 Au Praxinoscope
声 田野彩雲
サウンドデザイン 滝野ますみ
音声録音  ビデオテック 高木公平
音響ミキシングスタジオ IYUNO STUDIOS
整音 浅倉努
整音助手 三好悠介
英訳 レイチェル・ソーン
記録 金沢早苗
感謝 小野 潮
ニコラス グアリン レオン
Animated and Directed by Honami Yano
Producer Koji Yamamura
Assistant Producer sanae
Production Au Praxinoscope
Voice Ayamo Tano
Sound Designer Masumi Takino
Voice Recording Kohei Takagi, Video-Tech
Sound Mixing Studio IYUNO STUDIOS
Re-recoding Tsutomu Asakura
Assistant Re-recoding Yusuke Miyoshi
Einglish Transration Rache Thorn 
Thanks Sanae Kanazawa
Ushio Ono
Nicolás Guarín León
Asako&Sato Eguchi



学部卒業後、東京藝術大学大学院では、山村浩二氏に師事し、卒業制作「染色体の恋人」を制作。2017年、The KuanDu International Animation Festival (台湾)でKuanDog学生部門賞を受賞、その他北米最古のクィア映画祭であるフレームラインノミネートなど他多数。卒業後は同大学院映像研究科で3年間助手として働く。
その傍ら、自身の卒業後はじめての作品「骨嚙み」を制作。同作品は山村浩二氏プロデュース兼スーパーバイズとして、氏のスタジオ兼ギャラリーAu Praxinoscopeの最初の作品としての製作に至る。2021年より名古屋大学未来社会創造機構モビリティ社会研究所特任助教を務め、「電車三景」(仮)を制作している。他方、自身の新作「初恋と売られてしまったフェリーの話」(仮)を企画。
Honami Yano  was born in 1991 on a small island in Japan. During her college years spent in Kyoto, she went on an exchange program to the Rhode Island School of Design, which led her to discover independent animation.
At Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media, she studied under Koji Yamamura and created her graduation project, “Chromosome Sweetheart”(2017). That won the KuanDog Prize International Student Short Films at The KuanDu International Animation Festival (Taiwan), and was nominated for Frameline and many other film festivals. After graduation, she worked as a researcher assistant for three years.
While doing so, she made her first film after graduation. Produced and supervised by Koji Yamamura, it was the first work for his studio and gallery Au Praxinoscope.
Since 2021, she has been a Designated Assistant Professor at the Nagoya University, Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Global Research Institute for Mobility in Society, and is currently working on “Three Views from the Train” (provisional). On the other hand, she is also planning her own new project, “A Tale of First Love and a Sold Ferry” (tentative).



2013 パンツをめぐる冒険 (student work)
2014    かさぶた (student work)
2016 牛乳の麓  (student work)
2017 染色体の恋人  (student work)
2021 骨嚙み
2013 A Wild Pants Chase  (student work)
2013 The Scub Pig  (student work)
2016 Milky Ways  (student work)
2017 Chromosome Sweetheart  (student work)
2021 A Bite of Bone



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