oroginal title: Sensyokutaino Koibit

予告編 Trailer

“Choromosome Sweetheart”
Directed by Honami YANO
Voice:Ataru NAKAMURA
Music:Chikara UEMIZUTARU
Sound:Yoichiro MUKASA, Rai SATO
Producer:Koji YAMAMURA
Production: Tokyo University of the Arts
An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair,
a running woman, a fleeing town, a little girl walking along the river.
In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.



inner motivation
When I was a high school student, to me the shape of human chromosomes looked like wriggling people. It amazed me that biological gender and personal data are recorded in these tiny, human-looking molecules, and that they are self-determining even though they have no will.
From there, my imagination led me to a film featuring an ensemble cast comprised of these microscopic chromosomes but each depicted as independent human beings. In it, I wanted my queer will to be the intervening medium.
My aim was to portray small groups of people in very short sequences, and then create a bigger story by connecting the smaller ones – I thought that structure would be the same as chromosomes. At the time of production, I had uncertainties and perplexities about my life, so in a way I wanted to create this work to confront myself and the queer identity.
KuanDog Prize International Student Short Films, The KuanDu International Animation Festival 2017,Taiwan
Hot Topic Prize, DigiCon6 ASIA, Japan
2nd Place, Pacific_Animation Division CILECT PRIZE 2018
Frameline41, the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festiva,/US
the 2017 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival,US
10th International Animation Festival Fest Anca/Slovakia
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2017, Japan
・Montreal International Animation Film Festival – ANIMAZE 2017, Montreal, Canada
LINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival 2017, Ukraine
animanima international animation festival 2017, Republic of Serbia
Supertoon International Animation Festival 2017,Republic of Croatia
・14th annual Animation Block Party film festival,US
・RainbowReelTokyo 2017, Japan
 Indie-AniFest 2017,Korea
Anibar Festival 2017,Kosovo
Reel Pride Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2017 /US
28th Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg/ Germany
 Shanghai Queer Film Festival 2017/China
・Taichung International Animation Festival 2017
7th Ars Independent Festival in Katowice, Poland.
6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-2017, Kolkata, India
Women Make Waves Film Festival 2017, Taiwan
・Out On Film 2017/Atlanta,US
・New York’s LGBT Film Festival 2017,US
・The 7th Annual Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF)
・2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition
・Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest 2017/UK
・22nd Madrid International Lesbian Gay and Transsexual Film Festival, Spain
・Primanima World Festival of First Animations 2017, Hungary
・Black Movie, Geneva International Independent Film Festival 2017, Switzerland
・Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2017, Australia
・16th Countryside Animafest Cyprus,Cyprus
・15th Zinegoak, International LGTB Film and Performing Arts Festival, Spain
・the 2nd Pink Life QueerFest2017, Turkey
・The 3rd Ground Up Student Film Festival, Hong Kong
The 17th International Animation Festival Hiroshima 2018, Japan
・The Melbourne International Animation Festival 2018, Australia
・Festival international de cinéma d’animation de Meknès、FICAM 2018, Morocco
・29th Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, US
・Seoul Int’l Women’s Film Festival 2018, Korea
・Mix Mexico Festival 2018, Mexico
・Japan Film Festival of SF2018, US
・GAZE LGBT Film Festival 2018 in Dublin, Ireland
・International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA 2018
・Fête de l’Anim’ 2018, France
・Queensland edition of the Australian International Animation Festival 2018, Australia
9th International Inter-University Film Festival 2017,Bangladesh
・Queers in Shorts 2019, England
・大阪学生Queer映画祭 2019, Japan
・Queer East Film Festival London 2020, UK
・28th Long Beach QFilm Festival, 2021, US
・Shortcuts – Kurzfilmreihe(Screening) 2021/Germany
「光影之前」/”Before Light In The Motion”-IOMA Art Center (798 Art District Beijing), 2020 China

BFI Player “Queer East Shorts”
Showcasing rarely-seen queer cinema from East and Southeast Asia to audiences in the UK.
Making of “Chromosome Sweetheart”
▲Demonstration Movie of “ChromosomeSweetheart”
▲Comparing of Animatics and Final look of ChromosomeSweetheart
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